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Form to collect "full" student data required by NASA for all paid MnSGC student participants (and sometimes used as part of applications to MnSGC activities as well). Students may be asked to either update or complete a new Student Information Form every time they apply for another MnSGC opportunity.

Form used to collect general information for applications to MnSGC programs. The exact program name to use, and the specific information to provide through this upload-file form, will be provided by the institution offering the opportunity.

Form to collect "partial" student data from (non-paid) student "direct" MnSGC participants. The exact program name to use will be provided by the program requiring the form.

Form to collect basic demographics about groups of (non-paid) student and non-student "direct" MnSGC participants. The exact program name to use will be provided by the program requiring the form. In this case one person - such as the faculty member offering the teacher workshop or the teacher whose class members were involved - will complete the form on behalf of the entire group. Do not include any people who are also in the system as individuals, to avoid double-counting.

NASA media release form for individuals involved in MnSGC activities. Name the MnSGC activity and indicate it's full duration. (Note - these are the dates that media can be collected. Once collected, media may by used by the MnSGC beyond these dates.) For students who might interact with the MnSGC over the course of an entire school year, say "All MnSGC activities including xxx (if already involved in a specific activity)" then give dates for the entire school year, like Sept. 1, 2020 through Aug. 31, 2021."

Form to collect annual subcontract proposals from MnSGC Affiliate institutions.